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Taylor's Version is the name of Taylor's re-recorded music. Taylor's first six albums (Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak Now, Red, 1989 and reputation) aren't owned by Taylor, but were sold by her former label Big Machine Records to Scooter Braun. To be able to own her old music, Taylor is re-recording them. She's planning to re-record all six albums. She was allowed to start recording the first five albums in November 2020, which she did. The first re-recording was Love Story and was released on February 12, 2021.

The re-recorded albums include songs that were written for the original album, but didn't make the cut. These songs are called From The Vault.


It started when Taylor left her label, Big Machine Records, in November 2018 after her 13-year obligation to the label ended. She signed to Republic Records, under the condition that she'd own her own albums. Big Machine Records still owned the albums because of a contract she signed when she was 15 years old. In 2019, the label sold them to Scooter Braun, who Taylor accused of bullying and who had claimed he now "owned" Taylor Swift. She was never approached by her old label about the deal and had to find out online. Because of this, Taylor decided to re-record her old albums.

She wasn't allowed to start re-recording until November 2020, so she had a year to prepare. On social media, she saw what fans wanted and thanks to them she came up with the idea to put songs on the re-recorded albums that didn't make the original cut. She also said she'd keep listening to what fans have to say and thinks that they want the songs to sound like the original production. She claimed that she can make them nearly identical.

In an interview, Taylor revealed that she rejects requests to use her old music in movies or commercials, because she wants own them before it's used in movies or commercials: "Every week, we get a dozen synch requests to use 'Shake It Off' in some advertisement or 'Blank Space' in some movie trailer, and we say no to every single one of them. And the reason I’m rerecording my music next year is because I do want my music to live on. I do want it to be in movies, I do want it to be in commercials. But I only want that if I own it."

Taylor started re-recording Fearless in November 2020, while also working on her album evermore. Around this time, Taylor's albums where sold to Shamrock Holdings, who Taylor was willing to work with until she found out that Scooter Braun would still profit of the albums.

In December, a snippet of the re-recorded Love Story was released. The full song was released on February 12, 2021. It was also announced that the re-recordings would be called Taylor's Version and Fearless would be released on April 9th. On March 26, 2021, a song from The Vault (songs that were written for the original album, but didn't make the cut) was released.


Cover of Fearless (Taylor's Version)

The re-recording of Fearless was announced on February 11, 2021. The re-recorded lead single was released the next day: Love Story (Taylor's Version). Fearless (Taylor's Version) was released on April 9, 2021 and included 26 tracks, six of them never having been released before. This is the first album that was re-recorded and released, despite the original being her second album.

This version includes 26 tracks. Six of the songs are never released bonus tracks from the vault; they were written for the original Fearless album but didn't make the cut because of reasons such as Taylor not wanting too many break-up and down tempo songs and not being able to put that many songs on a physical CD. It also includes Today Was a Fairytale, which wasn't on the original album but was part of the Valentine's Day soundtrack[1].

On March 26, 2021, the first song from The Vault, You All Over Me, was released. It features Maren Morris.

On April 2, a week before the album's release, Taylor posted a video of a vault with letters appearing in front of it. By mixing the letters, fans could discover the names of the vault songs. A day later, Taylor posted the full tracklist.


Taylor's Version of the Red album will include Better Man, which was cut of the original version and given to Little Big Town.


On March 12, 2021, the re-recorded version of Wildest Dreams was used in a trailer for the animated movie Spirit Untamed.


Unlike the other five albums, Taylor won't be able to re-record reputation until November 2022. This is because she has to wait five years since the original album's commercial release, which was in 2017.



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