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Joseph "Joe" Matthew Alwyn (pseudonym: William Bowery) is an British actor. He's the boyfriend of Taylor Swift.

Relationship with Taylor

It is speculated that Joe and Taylor first met in Los Angeles in April 2016. Joe was there to do reshoots for a movie at the time.

Taylor and Joe started dating September 28, 2016. They stayed in London together and kept their relationship hidden from the public. Reports of Joe's relationship with Taylor first surfaced in on May 16, 2017, almost eight months after they started dating.

Taylor released her album reputation on November 10, 2017, which includes several songs that are said to be about Joe, such as Gorgeous, Dancing with Our Hands Tied, Delicate and Call It What You Want. Her following album, Lover, also includes songs about Joe, like Cruel Summer, Lover and London Boy.

They continue keeping their relationship private, whenever Joe is asked about Taylor he mentioned he doesn't want to talk about his personal life. He has said to an interviewer that he's flattered by Taylor writing songs about him.

Taylor and Joe attended several events, such as premieres for movies that Joe stars in. However, they wouldn't show themselves together for public events. The first and only time they did was to the 2020 Golden Globes together, where they could be seen sitting in the audience together.

In Taylor's documentary Miss Americana was released and included footage of Taylor hugging Joe after performing at the Reputation Tour and home videos Joe made of Taylor. Taylor said that she had fallen in love with someone who had a "wonderful, normal, balanced kind of life” and they wanted their relationship to be private. She also said that besides 2016 being a bad year for her, they were happy.

For Taylor's albums folklore and evermore, Taylor and Joe worked together was co-writers. Taylor had overheard Joe singing the chorus of betty and proposed to keep writing together, which started their collaboration. He was credited as William Bowery. When folklore won Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards, Taylor thanked Joe in her speech.

As William Bowery

William Bowery was first credited on two songs from folklore. Fans found out that this person doesn't exist, concluding that it's a pseudonym. They theorized that William Bowery is actually Joe Alwyn, because the name refers to him. The name of Joe's great grandfather was William Alwyn, who also happened to be a musician. Bowery could refer to the Bowery Hotel, where Joe and Taylor were spotted around the time they started dating.

On folklore: the long pond studio sessions, a concert film, Taylor revealed that William Bowery is actually Joe. On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Taylor said that Joe came up with the pseudonym himself. Joe also co-wrote two songs for evermore under this pseudonym.



  • exile (William Bowery as writer)
  • betty (William Bowery as writer)