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Jack Antonoff is an American singer, songwriter and producer. He's part of the indie rock band Fun. and the indie pop band Bleachers. He's a friend of Taylor and has worked with her on her latest five studio albums.

Relationship with Taylor

Jack and Taylor met at the 2012 MTV European Music Awards, where they bonded about their feelings towards award shows and their love for Yazoo. As they ran into each other at more award shows, they started hanging out.

They worked together for the first time for the song Sweeter Than Fiction for the soundtrack of the movie One Chance. Jack mentioned that Taylor was the first person who let him produce a song, after everyone else had told him he's not a producer.

Jack also worked with Taylor on three 1989 songs. Jack was dating Taylor's friend Lena Dunham at the time; Taylor wrote You Are in Love about their relationship. Taylor didn't tell Jack until she finished it.

They attended the 2016 Grammy Awards together. Jack accepted the Best Pop Vocal Album award for 1989 when Taylor was absent, and called her while on stage. He played guitar on stage

Jack played a big part in creating reputation, Lover and folklore.



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